About Me

Natalie Chisholm is Redhead Voiceover

Redhead Voiceover. A versatile everywoman.  A down-to-earth, genuine delivery from a British female voice, which appeals to a wide audience.  Also a talented actress with a load of characters and accents too.  

I am an experienced professional voiceover artist with many years in the industry.

I am flexible, friendly and easy to work with, as I work from a home studio with ISDN. I can turn work around quickly and efficiently.  I can also get to London easily, should you need it.

Having worked at the BBC for more than 12 years, I have since trained as an actor and voice artist.   I am a great storyteller; I am able to change and manipulate my voice to suit most styles of delivery and I love playing with characters and accents.  some of my most recent credits are for video games.

I regularly undertake coaching, sessions, workshops and training days to ensure I am always at the top of my game.

My voice ranges from warm mum to hard sell, whatever you need. I am often praised for being able to sound “natural, chatty and warm.”

Please have a listen to my voice reels to see if I can help with your next project.